Want to get a taste of what it was like to live back in 1922? Why not sample the latest song by Fergie?

Okay, so maybe The Great Gatsby soundtrack isn’t winning any awards for its chronological accuracy. The film’s music, featuring the likes of Beyonce and Lana Del Rey, plus plenty more, keeps Baz Luhrmann’s love for anachronistic soundtracks (see also: Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge). The latest we’ve heard is the new full track from Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock.

Hear it below!

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“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” is a very Black Eyed Peas-sounding track, despite the fact that only one Pea was involved. It’s got a little “Thrift Shop”-style horn, an up-tempo dance beat, and a completely untrue title. (Plenty of people have died at parties! But never mind.)

We’ll assume the title is meant to be ironic, since The Great Gatsby is all about how the lavish lifestyle of a wealthy man destroys several lives around him. It may take a few spins for us to decide whether we dig this song or find it decidedly less great than Gatsby himself, but for now this has gotten us in the mood for a touch of bubbly to help us bust out our most flapper-like dance moves. You’ve been warned.

Digging this Gatsby track, or not so much?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet