Don't get worried that Halle Berry is going to disappear again just because she's pregnant!

She's coming hot off a hit at the box office with her 911 thriller The Call, and she's reprising the role of Storm in the next X-Men movie. Things have been pretty quiet for Halle's career for nearly a decade now, with most of her movies disappointing critically and comercially. So no baby is getting in the way of this momentum!

Although the 46-year-old famously went on a major hiatus after giving birth to her daughter Nahla in 2008, she says she isn't planning on taking a break this time around. "With another baby on the way, Mama cannot take time off!" she tells E! News.

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Considering Halle admitted herself that this pregnancy came as a bit of a shock, she's probably already made some commitments she can't get out of now, anyway. However, she says that the reason she had to take so much time off after the first pregnancy was just because it was so new to her, while this time around, she's more familiar with having a family.

"It was my first time, it was something I tried really hard to do," she explains. "This time, when I have the baby, I'll keep walking!"

If Halle is smart, though, she'll take a lesson from fellow pregnant celebrity Kim Kardashian and slow things down a bit during the actual pregnancy. Kim recently faced a miscarriage scare and was ordered by her doctor to "slow down" with traveling and work, and with Halle being 46, she is at an even higher risk of complications. Let's hope she figures out how to take it easy during the next few months!

Do you think Halle should keep working so hard?

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