It looks like the benefits of the R&R that Halle Berry had during her recent vacation have quickly gone out the window.

Stepping off a plane from Hawaii with her fiance Olivier Martinez and their five-year-old daughter Nahla, the trio were immediately swarmed by a particularly aggressive group of photographers. Halle laid a verbal smackdown on the paparazzi surrounding her family, but it seems that Olivier upped the ante by getting physical with one of them!

"Get away! There's a child. What the f**k is wrong with you people?" said Halle as the cameras clicked and whirred.

Footage from TMZ showed the paparazzi continuing to follow the family as they made their way into a car. Once they made it to their vehicle, Olivier lost his cool and reportedly kicked one of the photographers in the leg. However, the family left without any further incidents and no charges were filed.

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You'll recall that Olivier introduced his hot temper to the public last Thanksgiving, when the holidays got a bit awkward after he pulverized the face of Halle's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. After the police photos of that beatdown, we're pretty amazed any photographer would attempt to get close to him.

Either way, it doesn't seem that Halle's icy relationship with the press will be changing anytime soon. She is lobbying to make schools paparazzi-free zones and unsuccessfully tried to convince a judge in her custody battle with Gabriel that she needed to move to France with Nahla, claiming the U.S. press made it impossible for them to live a normal life. Halle has since stated that she will move to France the minute that Nahla turns 18.

Do you think Halle was in the right to go off on the paparazzi?

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