Happy 23rd birthday to our favorite ice queen, Kristen Stewart!

Through the years, we’ve all learned that K.Stew isn’t exactly a fan of red carpets, cameras, flashing lights from the camera, or just about anything that comes with being a celebrity. Especially smiling. So in honor of her birthday, we’ve collected some of our favorite facial expressions that Kristen has rocked on the carpet. (Spoiler alert: they’re all scowls.)




And this

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Plus this


Of course this


Gazing off into the distance scowl


Death glare frown




Doesn't really want to be here frown




Of course this


This scares us


Yup. This.


Duh. This.


Uncomfortable frown




About-to-cry frown




Death glare scowl part two






Same premiere. Same frown.


Eh, whatever


Finally, this

Happy birthday, Kristen. Stay cold.

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images & Fame FlyNet