Fun fact: Harrison Ford and Chewbacca are not friends. Not even frenemies.

During his recent trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the topic of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII was bound to get brought up, despite the fact that it was clearly one Harrison wanted to avoid. While talking questions from the audience, there was one request he had: absolutely no Star Wars questions. None. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

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With members of the audience dressed as Star Wars characters who obviously wanted dirt on the movie, they were forced to ask Harrison, “Are you hungry?” and “Do you like making movies?”

Cue the final member — Chewbacca. Then, cue a very angry Harrison. "You son of a b--ch, what do you want?" Harrison ranted. "You're the one who couldn't keep it in your furry pants!"

After Jimmy explained that he was just trying to bring the two together to resolve their issues, Harrison angrily replied, “He knows what he did. She was my life, you Wookiee sack of sh—t!” then stormed off the stage.

We'd like to see plenty of people dressing up as Chewbacca now, just to be called a “Wookiee sack of sh—t” by Harrison Ford.

What did you think of Harrison and Chewbacca’s feud?

And will the two ever make peace?