It seems like every day Harry Styles is linked to another famous face, but this one actually might be for real. Harry headed out to dinner with Rod Stewart last night in Hollywood and no, that’s not the person he’s supposedly dating. It’s Rod’s daughter, Ruby!

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Currently on break from One Direction’s Take Me Home Tour, Harry jetted to Los Angeles and hung out with the Rod and his family, including his model daughter. Now, it’s not confirmed whether these two are the next hot couple, but sources said the two were seen getting extra cozy, openly flirting with one another and holding hands.

And to add even more to this rumor is Stalker Sarah -– the girl who has met and snapped a picture with just about every celebrity out there. She tweeted about running with Harry last night, writing, “@Harry_Styles lovely meeting your girl tonight. She was so sweet and beautiful! You look great together!”

Uh oh, Directioners!

Do you approve of Harry’s new lady? And do you think it’s for real?