So much for family support.

Lindsay Lohan is gearing up for her 90-day stint of court mandated rehab, when she checks into the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York, on May 2. Ironically, it's the same place her father Michael Lohan attempted to kick his addictions to booze and alcohol nearly 25 years ago. But even though he had high praise for the facility, he didn't have the same for his own daughter and claimed that she will fail in her latest attempt to get clean!

When asked by TMZ Live if he thinks LiLo's seventh attempt in rehab will be the charm, he told them, "I hope so, but I don't think so." Ironically, his comments come as he is reportedly making a bid to get Lindsay and her mother Dina to join him for family therapy. Of course, Dina will likely only take part in this if it can be part of a family reality show...

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Michael also cited Seafield's smoking ban as a major factor that will make it even more difficult for her to get clean. Of course, it also doesn't help that there is a liquor store within walking distance of the facility that offered her a discount. "It's hard that you have to quit a number of addictions. She's battling with pills and cocaine. Imagine someone coming off cigarettes too. Not to mention she had to detox when she first gets in and that's really tough," said Michael.

However, Michael's biggest criticism was reserved for Lindsay's plans to attend the notoriously drug fueled Coachella music festival. "It's one of the worst ideas she could have ever had. What did the courts say? Stay away from people or places where there might be drugs or alcohol," he lamented.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is reportedly telling friends she will not be drinking or doing drugs at the festival and is simply going there to enjoy the music as she does each year. Those sources also claim the troubled actress is still denying that she has a problem with drugs or alcohol.

Do you think Michael is right?

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