Looking as stylish as will.i.am and saving the planet are usually two very opposite forces, but what do you know? The inventive Black Eyed Pea has found a way to let them coexist in harmony, and he's bringing this innovative new approach to fashion and eco-friendliness to the masses.

Now the Coke bottle you had with lunch can be transformed into something you can wear to the club or the beach, and not just in a crazy "look at me, I'm wearin' Coke bottles!", Lady Gaga kind of way. Will.i.am's partnership with Coca-Cola, EKOCYCLE, is not just a brand but also a movement that takes recycled products and turns them into fashionable looks you can feel good about.

Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs had the chance to sit down with will.i.am and talk about this exciting new venture, as well as his recent collaborations with artists such as Britney Spears and Justin Bieber (you may have heard of them).

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Will.i.am explains how the green bug hit him back in 2009, after a Black Eyed Peas concert left a huge amount of waste in its wake. "I realized that we contribute, I contribute to, you know, polluting the planet. And what can I do to fix that?"

Some of the biggest brands in the world have partnered with Coca-Cola and will.i.am to make EKOCYCLE happen, including Levi’s, RVCA, Casemate, Beats and New Era. Additionally, this week will.i.am joined with the NBA to get in on the action, celebrating the NBA's Green Week.

Want to learn more and check out these looks for yourself? Head on over to EKOCYCLE to find out where to buy this feel-good fashion!

What do you think about will.i.am's EKOCYCLE movement?