While will.i.am may be one of the busiest guys in entertainment, he’s well aware that he isn’t doing anything alone. That couldn’t be truer of his upcoming album #willpower, where he collaborates with Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger… basically a different hot artist on every track.

In Hollywire’s recent chat with will.i.am, we had a chance to learn the inspiration behind using a hashtag in his album title, as well as get details on what it was like to work with Britney Spears on “Scream and Shout.” Best of all, we heard the Black Eyed Pea’s hilarious impression of his "#thatPOWER" collaborator Justin Bieber ― and let’s just say the word “bro” is tossed in a lot more than once.

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Though will.i.am does poke fun at Justin a bit for overuse of the word bro, he also has nothing but respect for him as an artist ― and thinks he’ll be around for a long time. “We haven’t seen the last of him. He still has twenty more years, and twenty more years he’s like my age,” will.i.am says of the “super-duper special” young artist.

But he delves even deeper with his insightful comments on where he thinks Justin’s music is heading: “Although the kid is, like, you know, late teens, he still has more heartache to go through, he still has let-down to go through… it’s gonna bring out great music. We haven’t even seen the real Justin Bieber yet.”

That's good news for anyone who has been put off by his latest antics...

What do you think of will.i.am's Bieber impression? Spot on, or not nice?