If you see Evil Dead this weekend, skip lunch beforehand. The movie is seriously disturbing thanks to its grisly violence... and if you think it's not terrifying because it stars the adorable Jane Levy from TV's Suburgatory, you are sorely mistaken.

In fact, cute girls have a history of being some of the most horrifying screen characters out there. What is it about a sweet little moppet gone wrong that can give us the willies like no other? They say little girls are full of "sugar and spice and everything nice," but these girls are more full of spite and knives.

Here's a round-up of the cutest girls to ever freak us out on screen!


1. Linda Blair — The Exorcist

The mother of all freaky little girls in movies, this '70s horror classic is still just as scary as ever — many considering it the most disturbing movie of all time even today. From a head that turns aaall the way around to vomiting pea soup to a particularly unholy use for a crucifix, Linda Blair's performance is so otherworldly that we're not sure how anyone got through this production in one piece.


2. Mischa Barton — The Sixth Sense

Before she was the bad girl next door on The OC, she was the dead girl under the bed in M. Night Shyamalan's classic ghost story. Just because she's dead doesn't mean she's evil, because she's really only trying to help Haley Joel Osment solve her own murder. But just because she's well-intentioned doesn't mean she doesn't also completely freak us out.


3. Jodie Foster — The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane

Jodie is more famous for her childhood role as a teenage prostitute — certainly no innocent — but she's an even badder girl next door in this film about a young child who does away with her parents so she can live in peace and quiet alone.


4. Amber Heard — Zombieland

Amber had a pretty small role in Zombieland, for good reason. She went all "living dead" early in the movie, to make way for another love interest (Emma Stone). But we can't say her appearance wasn't memorable, in terms of totally creeping us out!


5. Chloe Moretz — Let Me In and Carrie

You'd think a cute girl like Chloe wouldn't have the opportunity to tingle our spines more than once in her career. You'd be wrong. She played the chillingly vicious vampire who protects a human friend in Let Me In, and will soon wreak havoc on her graduating class in the new Carrie. Plus, let's not forget how unhinged she is in the Kick-Ass movies. Is everything okay at home, Chloe?


6. Drew Barrymore — Firestarter

Drew captured America's hearts in E.T. Then, in Firestarter, she pulverized them. She played a little girl who could start fires with her mind — and let's just say she didn't limit her powers to making S'mores while camping.


7. Isabelle Fuhrman — Orphan

Orphans tend to be cute, innocent moppets who just need a leg up in life. But this one is not to be effed with.


8. Emma Roberts — Scream 4

Umm, spoiler alert, but Emma is not a nice girl in Scream 4. Though she at first appears to be Sidney's innocent niece, terrorized by Ghost Face, it turns out she's the mastermind behind it all. In her quest for fame, she kills all her friends, her boyfriend, her own mom — and even the guy who helped her do it all. But she doesn't kill Sidney Prescott, of course, because in a reboot, you "don't f*** with the original."


9. Daveigh Chase — The Ring

A seriously messed up girl who died in a well and wants everyone else to feel her pain. We're sure Daveigh is a perfectly lovely person in real life... but if we ever see her, we're going to turn and run the other direction, screaming our heads off.


10. These little bitches

If you don't think The Exorcist is the scariest movie of all time, you probably think The Shining is. And it's largely thanks to these ghostly girls, who beckon Danny to "come play with us." Yeeeeahhh... don't think so, girls.

Which horror girl kept you up at night?