Mariah Carey may have sold 200 million records worldwide, but she almost got voted off American Idol.

America seemed unsure on whether to side with Mariah or Nicki Minaj during their spat at the beginning of this season, but it seems the show's producers had no problem picking a side. A new report claims that Idol producers attempted to sack Mariah midseason and replace with her Jennifer Lopez.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that despite Mariah's insane $18 million check for this season, she hasn't developed the fan following many were hoping for due to how disengaged she's seemed at the judges table. The ratings for the show are also the lowest they've been since 2001 and continuing to drop. Last week, Idol was trumped by a repeat of CBS show The Big Bang Theory. (Ouch...)

In addition, every bit of her diva behavior is reportedly true and many people backstage are finding it difficult to work with her.

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So what's the problem? Mariah is contractually set for at least this season and threw a fit when the news broke, threatening legal action against the show if they attempted to replace her midway through. Producers have since relented on their idea to bring back J.Lo, but are reportedly trying to get her for the season finale next month.

Insiders say a search has begun to replace Mariah for next season and that Nicki may be getting the boot as well. Fox research reportedly shows that Nicki's fiery temper and extreme opinions may be turning off some of the audience. "The core viewer is a Midwestern, Southern, older woman who is threatened by Nicki’s aggressiveness," said a source.

However, Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe and a rep for Mariah both denied the rumors of a judge shake-up, while a Fox spokeswoman called the report "ridiculous."

Either way, it may be time to think about putting this show to pasture. These shows are supposed to be about the competitors, not the judges. If spending over $25 million combined for two major names isn't doing the trick, a different approach needs to be adopted besides throwing money at the problem.

Do you think Mariah should get the boot for next season? What about Nicki?

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