More Thor? Yes, please!

Thor, Loki, and the rest of the cast reassemble for Thor: The Dark World, with Oscar-winner Natalie Portman continuing to up the ante on the usual “damsel in distress” role and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston bigger stars than they were in 2011.

In this one, Thor brings Jane along to his homeland Asgard to stop a dark force older than the universe itself. Watch the first trailer below!

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Chris Hemsworth’s first go-round as the vaguely Norse hammer-slinging god from the cosmos was pre-Avengers, and though the film was a modest success domestically, the self-serious superhero didn’t totally catch on the way other Marvel stars like Iron Man did.

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But then a little movie called The Avengers slammed its way into theaters, becoming the third highest-grossing film ever. With Joss Whedon’s trademark humor, the Thor character took himself less seriously and became rather endearing. Plus, it was his brother Loki that caused all the trouble in The Avengers in the first place, so audience will now be eager to see how he works himself into this story.

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There’s no sign that any of the other Avengers make cameos in this film, but by now Thor probably has enough mojo to carry a movie entirely on his own. (As does Chris Hemsworth.) Odds are that Thor: The Dark World will easily outgross the original’s $181 million (though won’t come close to touching The Avengers’ $623 mil).

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Unfortunately, Thor fans have to wait all the way until November 8 for the release of this sequel. First up is Iron Man 3, which bows next month.

Are you eager for more Thor?