No more teasers -- the real deal is finally here!

Of course we're talking about the video for Demi Lovato's lastest hit "Heart Attack," which she has been self-promoting like crazy for the last few days through Twitter and video teasers. After four different sneak peeks, the full video finally premiered on Tuesday, showing Demi full of raw emotion in a variety of different settings and outfits.

Director Chris Applebaum explains to MTV that since the song tells the story of wanting to fall in love while also holding back, he wanted to go for the same idea in the video, alternating between a light/innocent character and a dark/edgy one. "It's like a push and pull where we tried to metaphorically represent those two sides by having two metaphorically different sides of Demi," he says.

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Even more impressive than the strict attention to storytelling, though, is something Demi does in the video that Chris says he's only seen one other time in 20 years. "I have seen every single artist lip-sync to their video with the exception of two people," he explains. "One was Celine Dion who said, 'If you don't do that, you sing so that people can see your throat move and feel the emotion.' And two, it was Demi Lovato."

Putting herself in the ranks of Celine Dion? You go, Demi!

If you're totally feeling "Heart Attack" and the video, you can pre-order Demi's new album Demi, which drops May 14th, right now!

What do you think of Demi's new vid? Was it worth all the anticipation?