Did Barack Obama pull some funny business in helping Beyonce and Jay-Z get into Cuba?

The power duo celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last week with a vacation to Havana, but it generated plenty of controversy because Americans aren't allowed into Cuba without obtaining a special visa. The U.S. Treasury Department approved the trip by giving them "cultural exchange" licenses, but it doesn't seem like any exchange was taking place other than publicity opportunities. And in Jay-Z's just released rap "Open Letter," he claims that the POTUS had some serious concerns about approving the trip.

In audio obtained by TMZ, the rhymes allege that Barack was worried that their trip to Cuba could even cost him the White House!

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"Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached'... We don’t need this s**t anyway, chill with me on the beach,'" he rapped. In other words, Barack helped out his friends by pulling some not-so-legal strings to get them into the country.

He then addressed the critics of his trip by rhyming, "I done turned Havana to Atlanta/ Guayabera shirts and bandannas... Boy from the hood got White House clearance... They wanna give me jail time and a fine/ Fine, let me commit a real crime."

The U.S. has had a 51-year embargo in Cuba that prohibits U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba for tourism. Barack eased many of the travel restrictions in 2011, but tourists still need a special visa or be part of an organized tour to be allowed in the country. Tens of thousands of Americans have traveled to Cuba since then on academic, religious, journalistic or cultural exchange visas.

So far, Obama and the White House have yet to publicly comment on the song.

Do you think Obama pulledstrings to get them into Cuba?

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