The MTV Movie Awards had no shortage of stars to take home the Golden Popcorn for delivering some of the year’s best movie moments (according to the MTV set, anyway). But the year’s biggest breakout star of all was noticeably absent from the proceedings, despite winning a couple of awards: Jennifer Lawrence.

As it turns out, Jennifer’s no-show was a surprise to the show’s producers as well as many who tuned in for the broadcast, since she was meant to be included in the winnings of Best Kiss and Best Female Performance, as well as the unveiling of the new Catching Fire teaser. There was even a fake episode of True Life devoted to Jennifer’s little-known “identical twin” sister ― who, you may notice, looks an awful lot like last night’s host Rebel Wilson.

Jennifer apparently intended to attend, but some (as of now undisclosed) scheduling conflict got in the way, forcing producers to scramble to do the show without her. That meant Bradley Cooper accepting Best Kiss all by his lonesome (aww!) and Liam Hemsworth going solo to present the new Hunger Games footage.

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It also meant we never got to see this pretty funny sketch featuring Rebel playing Jennifer’s less-talented sibling Catherine, who is identical to J-Law in every way “except for how we look or how we act.” (She’s also, apparently, to thank for Jennifer starring in Winter’s Bone, for reasons best left discovered in the video.)

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Jennifer’s a busy girl and we doubt she just blew off the MTV Movie Awards for the hell of it, so we’ll give her a pass… even if we’ve been craving some more of her red carpet presence and refreshing candor ever since she livened up the Oscars back in February. Guess we’ll just have to settle for watching the Catching Fire teaser again… and again…

Were you sorry to see Jennifer absent from the MTV Movie Awards?

Or was Rebel's comedy enough to make up for it?