To all those students who have been begging and begging celebrities to be their date to prom, you’ve been doing it all wrong -– just try it how Pepperdine University student Shaina did it!

With her spring formal coming up, Shaina decided to try to get Joe Jonas on her arm the night of the big dance, so she did what everyone does these days –- she uploaded a quirky video to YouTube in hopes of grabbing his attention. Well, it definitely worked, because she got the surprise of a lifetime while appearing on Today to talk about her viral video!

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In Shaina’s video, she wanders around her university, asking fellow students why Joe should totally go with her to the dance. With answers like, “She’s gorgeous” and “She has great boots” –- which is true -– she ends the three-minute video with a little “Harlem Shake.” How could Joe say no? Just go with her, Joe!

While Joe couldn’t make it to the dance since he’s promoting the Jonas Brothers single “Pom Poms,” he did one-up her by creating his own hilarious video, inviting her to be his special date to an upcoming concert. “I have a proposition for you,” he says while lying on the ground, wearing a car-racing uniform with a faux fireplace in the background. “On July 10th in Chicago, Illnois, I would like to fly you out, escort you to my concert of the opening tour. What do you think? I know. It’s gonna be great.”

As ah-mazing as Joe’s video is, the fact that he even showed up to Today, in disguise, to surprise Shaina just made him one of the coolest celebs –- ever. Eat your heart out, Kate Upton.

What do you think about Joe’s response to Shaina? Totally awesome or kind of lame?