Just when we thought our own April Fool’s Day prank was pretty epic, Justin Bieber has to go and beat us!

The Biebs pulled the ultimate prank on gossip website TMZ after they continued to follow his every move these past few months.

So what did he do? And how did it play out? Allow Chelsea Briggs to explain in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Since Justin has about 36 million followers on Twitter, anything and everything he sends out will be seen by plenty of eyes... and taken seriously. So when April 1st rolled around, he decided to send his Beliebers on a little adventure by tweeting, “As promised taking all fan phone calls TODAY at (888) 847 9869. Talk to u soon!”

Aw, seems awesome that he would do that, right? Well turns out that number was TMZ’s tip line. It caused major chaos at the offices with the lines getting all tied up. What makes the prank even better, though, is the company gets to foot the bill for all those calls since it’s a toll-free number. Yikes! Well played, Bieber. Well played.

What do you think about Justin’s prank on TMZ? Hilarious or kinda mean?