We feel you, Justin Bieber. We really do.

We've all had a breakup that involved some sort of drastic move like chopping off our hair, getting a tattoo or buying a bunch of new clothes. Sources close to Biebs are now claiming that his recent bad behavior is a similar reaction to his breakup with Selena Gomez. Except that when it comes to buying new clothes, we're pretty sure Urban Outfitters doesn't have gas masks as part of their spring collection.

These sources told TMZ that Justin was "torn apart" when Selena reportedly dumped him during a vacation to Mexico last December. Considering that his bratty behavior, bizarre fashion choices and drug use have all come immediately since then, it isn't a stretch to say that this could be a classic case of heartbreak.

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Selena is reportedly not making things any easier by continuing to call Justin and leaving mixed messages at the possibility of a reconciliation. The lack of a clean break is supposedly messing with Justin's head and making it difficult for him to move forward.

However, a source close to Selena are claiming that Justin is borderline harassing her and simply isn't willing to accept that they're never ever getting back together. “[Justin] just bugs the s*** out of [Selena] and the only reason she picks up her phone is because it’s easier than dealing with harassment,” said the source to Hollywood Life.

Considering that Selena went out of her way to publicly bash Justin last month while appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, we're assuming she's over things. She's also reportedly told him not to include her in any of the scenes or DVD extras for his upcoming movie about life on the road called Never Say Never.

For now, Justin is looking at ways to repair his slightly tarnished image. He's known for quietly visiting sick kids at hospitals while on the road touring, but his management team is now looking at ways to make his various charity endeavors a little more high-profile by including them as part of TV spots. 

Do you sympathize with Justin at all?

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