Girls, Keke Palmer wants you educate yourself about...yourself!

Teaming up with U by Kotex for their "Generation Know" program, Keke is helping empower girls to be the first generation to know and learn more about their own bodies and health as well as sharing that knowledge with others. Chelsea Briggs caught up with Keke to find out more on her partnership with the program and how you can get involved. Keke also dished on stepping into the shoes of Chili for the upcoming (though not coming soon enough) TLC biopic! 

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If you want to participate and join Keke and Kotex’s mission of health knowledge for girls, simply go to and log in. "For every person that logs in, up to $500,000 goes to ‘Girls for a Change,’ which also helps us continue to spread the message through social media and online,” she explains. “It helps spread the word around and get girls okay to understanding their body and their health.”

Also, when you log on you’ll receive a free bracelet to show off to the world and represent your power for change.

But Keke isn’t just staying busy by inspiring teens –- she’s also transforming herself for the movie role of a lifetime as Chili for the TLC biopic!

“It was a dream come true for me,” she said. “As a little girl you look up to those women that are so beautiful and who you want to be, so I never imagined that 10 years later I would be playing her in a movie, so for me it’s a really shocking and amazing dream come true –- a blessing.”

What do you think about Keke inspiring teens?

And is she a perfect fit for Chili?