We recently pitted Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez against each other when it comes to whose new singles are hottest ― and now we know which camp Kevin Jonas falls into.

In a Watch What Happens Live appearance, the oldest JoBro praised his brother’s ex Demi a couple of times, despite Andy Cohen’s prompts that were obviously hoping to get him to disparage her. But another Disney starlet doesn’t seem to get such high marks from Kevin.


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First Kevin was prompted to speak on which of his brothers was the favorite ― and which was the cutest. Clearly, Andy is just desperate to stir up some drama!

But it kind of happened when Kevin was asked who the most overrated pop star was ― and Kevin replied, “Did you see the MTV…?” before trailing off and deciding it was best not to name names.

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Of course, we can guess that he was talking about the MTV Movie Awards from last Sunday, and unfortunately for Kevin there were only two pop musical acts ― Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and of course, Selena Gomez. Since no one would really classify the former as a “pop star” (and they haven’t been on the radar long enough to be overrated), we have to guess it was SelGo’s performance he was criticizing.

But is he right? The response to Selena's performance was mixed, especially from Hindu leaders who found her bindi offensive. We know Justin Bieber is probably cheering at this news (or anything negative involving Selena), and now probably wondering if Anne Frank would think Selena Gomez is overrated, too.

Catch more from the episode here.

Is Kevin right? Is Selena overrated?

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