When was the last time you saw a major concert for $20?

Unless you grew up in the middle of the 20th century, probably never. But that's exactly what Kid Rock is planning for his fans after announcing that he will take a major paycut in order to make all seats just $20 for his upcoming tour. He's also working with promoter Live Nation to lower the prices on everything from merchandise, concessions and parking at every show.

The tour in support of his 10th album Rebel Soul, which will also feature ZZ Top, Uncle Kracker and Kool & the Gang on various dates, kicks off on June 28th in Bristow, Virginia and runs through September 15 in Tampa, Florida.

"It's always going to come down to price, but I think [from the fan's perspective] it's more the service charges, the fees, getting in there and not knowing what beers will cost, what they'll hit you for parking. Every little thing they nickel and dime you," he explained to Billboard. "We're all fortunate to make as much money as we do, and I can surely take a pay cut and help out in these hard times."

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In order to fight the scalpers at this show, Kid Rock will also be releasing 1,000 tickets directly to Platinum Tickets via Ticketmaster at market value. At any venue where it's possible, the first 20 rows will go paperless and the first two rows won't be sold prior to the event in order to upgrade hardcore fans to better seats.

In addition, beers will be sold for $4 and the cost of tour T-shirts will be slashed in half to $20. "A few tours back, we were selling shirts for $35-$40 — which everybody is — and I'm like, ‘this is highway robbery,' especially after owning a T-shirt business... and really knowing what the prices are for us to buy ‘em," he said. "Even if the volume comes out, we're going to make less money, but I've got enough money to where it's not going to kill my lifestyle. And who doesn't want to play to a packed house every night?"

Although it's a pretty sweet deal, this isn't the first tour to attempt a similar model. Back in 2007, Sharon Osbourne made all tickets for Ozzfest completely free by making fans purchase tickets through special sponsor websites.

However, Kid Rock made it clear that if the tour loses money, he'll be the one to take the hit. "I'm not asking my band or my crew to take a pay cut, I'm the one saying, ‘if this doesn't work out, I'll take the pay cut.' It's a way of saying ‘thank you' to the fans that have been coming to the shows for the last 15 years."

What do you think of Kid Rock's plan to slash ticket prices?

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