Being a teen pop star may not be as glamorous as it looks, as Justin Bieber has shown us through numerous headline-making antics these past couple weeks. From altercations with the paparazzi to wearing gas masks in London, former NSYNC member Lance Bass thinks that maybe the Biebs is having a hard time keeping his ego in check.

During an appearance on Piers Morgan Live, Lance addressed Justin’s drama-filled 2013 and surmised that the word "no" just isn’t in the vocabulary of those surrounding the pop star.

“When you’re a solo artist, no one’s telling you ‘No,’ and I think that’s the biggest problem, especially with teen idols. You immediately go from learning about puberty to having hundreds of employees, and not really knowing how to deal with that,” Lance said, adding, “With fame comes entitlement, and you have tons of people saying, ‘Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.’ So it’s hard to keep that ego in check.”

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At just 19 years old, Justin has become the biggest pop star in the world with everyone wanting a piece of him. Lance admits that getting a big head happens way too easily, saying, “At that age, when you’re just given the world –- like, what do you do with that?”

At the end of the day, even though Justin can get anything he wants -- well, except access to a certain birthday-ruining nightclub in London –- pointing fingers at Hollywood for sensualizing young stars isn’t the answer.

"Well, I mean, I don't blame Hollywood. I think every teenager goes through, you know, these times. Everyone's going to rebel with their families. It's just these teens happen to do it in the public eye and especially with social media being what it is today, you can't hide anything. Everyone knows every little thing about your life," Lance said. "So when everyone is just learning how to, you know, smoke that first cigarette, have that first drink, they're growing up. Every kid does it. It's just these kids have to do it, you know, with everyone staring at them."

What do you think about Lance’s comments on Justin? Do you agree with him?