Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ music videos are starting to become the videos to watch. Besides the fact that their music is always bound to be a hit, the videos that go along with them are supremely entertaining.

With the release of their latest video “Can’t Hold Us,” the same song they performed at the MTV Movie Awards, we catch a glimpse of camels, a giant ship party, dog sledding, etc. Yes, this is all in just one seven-minute clip.

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“We shot it on six different continents,” Macklemore told MTV. Ryan added, “This was over a 16-day video shoot, which I’ve never heard of before. It was a huge project; it was cut all over the place. We started cutting at South By Southwest, in a little hotel room, and we’ve been finishing it ever since, or trying to finish it. It’s just been a massive project.”

While most artists will just release their music videos and move onto their next task or perhaps throw a little party at a bar, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis do things a little differently -- they throw a pizza party!

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“We decided to do something different a couple years ago, which was have pizza parties for the fans that have made us what we are –- an annual pizza party,” Macklemore said. “And we were so busy towards the end of last year that it kind of extended into this year, and this year we are going to premiere 'Can’t Hold Us' music video for the fans, for the people that ride with us… we fly some people out, we eat pizza and we just have one of the best parties in the world. It’s a good night.”

Also, fun fact: did anyone else notice the wolf hat Macklemore is wearing in the beginning of the video? Let’s not forget that he told us that it was his best thrift shop find when we chatted with him at the mtvU Woodie Awards at SXSW!

What do you think about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ new music video?