Does a monarch outrank a president? Not in Malawi. Madonna, the Queen of Pop, got her ass figuratively handed to her by “Joyce,” President of Malawai, after sending the elected official a rather breezy handwritten note addressing her by her first name and requesting some face-time.

"She just came unannounced and proceeded to villages and made poor people dance for her,” Malawi President Joyce Banda complained to the press. (An important distinction: we do not believe Madonna literally made poor people dance for her, though if so, we hope they were “Vogue”-ing.) “And immigration officials opened the VIP lounge for her just because previously she enjoyed the VIP status."

As Gawker reports, it’s possible that President Banda is miffed about a beef between Madonna and Banda’s sister involving Madge’s Raise Malawi charity. The drama was apparently furthered by this cheery note, perhaps a bit too informal for the president of an African country:

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That kind of buddy-buddy relationship between presidents and pop stars may work in the United States, but Joyce ― err, President Banda ― was having none of it. Madonna entered Malawi a VIP and left as just a regular P. A billionaire P, sure, but not a VI one.

She even had to line up with other passengers and go through security like common people… before boarding her own private jet. The nerve!

Madonna’s trip to Malawi has been a disaster all around, drawing criticism for some apparent miscommunication regarding her goals. President Banda is upset that Madonna’s promises to build new schools haven’t met her expectations, though treating her so brusquely probably isn’t going to make her feel more charitable…

Whose side are you on? Is Madonna abusing her priveleges?

Or does President Banda need to show more gratitude for Madonna's charity?

Main Image Courtesy of Fameflynet