Michael Shannon is the Oscar-nominated actor from Revolutionary Road who has become Hollywood’s go-to man for a performance that goes above and beyond insane. (He’s kind of the new Christopher Walken, in other words.)

“Above and beyond insane” definitely describes the profane email sent out to the University of Maryland chapter of Delta Gamme sorority, so it’s really no wonder that Michael was selected to read said email by the good people over at Funny Or Die.

Michael is more used to playing deranged characters like Superman’s nemesis General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel, but we have to say, he plays an off-the-hinges sorority girl with same finesse.

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In fact, we kind of want to pledge Michael’s chapter of Delta Gamma! We can only imagine what initiation would be like…

Rebecca Martinson, AKA the author of this email, must be both dying of embarrassment and kind of pleased that she got one of Hollywood’s most respected actors to read her “script.”

Do you think Michael interpreted the email with the right level of crazy?