It’s Earth day! And that’s cause for celebration, because ― unless you are reading this from one of those post-apocalyptic societies in the future that have abandoned the Earth because it is no longer sustainable to human life ― you’re on Earth! And so are we! And so are the celebrities we write about!

Even Amanda Bynes lives on Earth, though it rarely seems that way.

In honor of this worthy holiday, we’re taking a look at the greenest of the green ― the stars whose contributions to Mother Earth have made the most impact. If we were casting an all-star version of Captain Planet, these are the stars we’d make sure were on board!


1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Sworn Enemy: Global warming

Defender Of: Tigers

Leo’s character in The Great Gatsby is known for his lavish parties and extravagance, but in real life, the actor does his best to waste not. His 2007 documentary The 11th Hour is devoted to saving the planet, and he owns (several) electric cars and has solar panels in his home. He also donated $1 million to the Wildlife Conservation Society at Russia’s tiger summit and helped to free a Louisiana tiger from captivity back in 2011. Leo’s ex Giselle Bundchen is also a huge environmentalist.


2. Adrian Grenier

Sworn Enemy: Global Warming

Defender Of: Clean water

Adrian Grenier isn’t a self-involved actor ― he just played one on TV! Vincent Chase’s real-life counterpart lives in an environmentally friendly home complete with recycled denim insulation and a solar rooftop. He also set up Charity Water to help impoverished communities worldwide ensure that they have clean drinking water and proper sanitation.


3. Natalie Portman

Sworn Enemy: Meat

Defender Of: All animals

Natalie has drastically reduced her carbon footprint ― literally ― by creating her own line of vegan footwear. A longtime vegetarian, she is also now a vegan in all her dietary choices as well as in her style, swearing of all animal products in her life (including Black Swans, of course). Amongst her many international causes, she appeared in a 2007 documentary in which she christened a baby gorilla.


4. Brad Pitt

Sworn Enemy: Hurricane Katrina

Defender Of: New Orleans

The charitable couple's contributions and visits abroad have been widely reported. One of Brad’s causes is green building through his work with Make It Right, which has helped to rebuild homes in the greenest way possible for victims of Hurricane Katrina. So you can have a green home built by Brad Pitt, then fill it with his (very pricey) furniture… and serve Brangelina wine at the housewarming!


5. Darryl Hannah

Sworn Enemy: Police

Defender Of: Walnut Trees, mountaintops

Her weekly program DHLoveLife is devoted to finding eco-friendly solutions to everyday needs, but her most notable environemental contribution was the 2006 arrest resulting from Darryl chaining herself to a walnut tree in protest of commercial bulldozing in an urban farm. This is far from Darryl’s only arrest ― four other environmental demonstrations have gotten her arrested, including one protesting mountaintop removal and another at the White House where the arrested also included Conor Kennedy.


6. Mark Ruffalo

Sworn Enemy: Fracking

Defender Of: Clean air and water

Given that his biggest role involves him turning green, is it any wonder Mark is green in real life as well? He is a vocal opponent of fracking, a natural gas extraction that has created public health concerns by contaminating water and air. His foundation Water Defense is committed to educating and taking action against this pollution.


7. Matt Damon

Sworn Enemy: Toilets

Defender Of: Clean water

For his charity, Matt comedically claimed that he was forgoing using the bathroom completely. While this is biologically impossible, it did bring up a good point about how much clean water we privileged Americans waste every day when people in many other nations don’t have the luxury of even drinking it.


8. Alicia Silverstone

Sworn Enemy: Clothing

Defender Of: Animals

Not nearly as clueless about the planet as her Clueless character was, Alicia is well-known as a vegan and environmentalist as well as an all-around animal lover. In fact, she’s so into her eco-friendliness that she’s maybe even a little kooky about it, since she’s admitted to gardening naked. Even her vibrator is environmentally friendly…


9. Pierce Brosnan

Sworn Enemy: Sonar, tuna

Defender Of: Dolphins

James Bond may be more known for saving beautiful women than dolphins, but one of the guys who played him is a hero of another sort. Pierce has fought against tuna companies being able to reduce the standards needed to call their product “dolphin safe,” and also protested the U.S. Navy’ new sonar, which is said to be hazardous to dolphins, whales, and other sea mammals.

Which green celeb's cause do you think is most worthy?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet