A set of new trailers featuring a couple of our favorite actors has been released, and they could hardly be more different ― except they’re both rocking long blond hair.

The more traditional of the two is the Chris Hemsworth racing drama Rush, in which he plays Brit Formula 1 driver James Hunt. Since he’s played by Chris Hemsworth and drives really fast, the character is obviously hunky, though there appears to be a story of some kind to go along with this. Then again, maybe not.

Less expectedly, Matt Damon shows up as Liberace’s “employee” (and boyfriend) in Behind The Candelabra. Prepare for lots of piano, lots of white pants, and lots and lots of sparkles.

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Rush looks like a serviceable drama in the capable hands of Ron Howard, whose last movie was the forgettable Vince Vaughn/Kevin James comedy The Dilemma. This is seems to be a return to the Apollo 13 and Frost/Nixon-like true dramas he does best. (Okay, we might argue that he does mermaid romcoms best, but there can only be so many of those.) It comes out in September.

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Behind The Candelabra is a little more tantalizing. The HBO film is directed by Steven Soderbergh and depicts the controversial (and hidden) relationship between the older Liberace and his younger paramour, and also features Rob Lowe as a third very gay character. Beyond the novelty of seeing a few of Hollywood’s straight leading men in sequins and sparkles, the drama looks pretty intriguing, too. We’ll definitely be checking this out when it debuts on May 26.

So, which of these two very different movies most appeals to you?