Forget Twitter, forget Facebook, forget Instagram. Okay, let's maybe not throw them out completely, but they have to at least move over for the next big social media app that gets us one step closer to our favorite celebs –- yep, Vine. In case you’ve been living under a rock and scratching your head as to what Vine is exactly, this video app allows users to create short video clips and piece them together to create six-second video montages.

Just like other social media apps, celebrities are giving Vine a try and creating some hilarious/weird/great clips for us to follow. So download the app and follow our favorite celebrities to catch up with their “artistic” videos!


1. Jimmy Fallon


2. Tyra Banks


3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


4. Zach Braff


5. Aaron Paul

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6. Adam Goldberg


7. Adam Devine


8. Tyler Posey


9. Troian Bellisarlo


Who's your favorite celebrity to follow on Vine? And are you a fan of the video app?