Only Gos could forgive our obsession with the upcoming film Only God Forgives — yes, that’s “Gos” as in Gosling, not God, though really, aren’t they kind of the same thing?

The upcoming Cannes movie reteams Ryan Gosling and director Nicholas Winding Refn after their super badass crime flick Drive, which saw forks, hammers, and cars used for more violent purposes than intended.

The bloodshed clearly continues in Only God Forgives, which has released a couple uncomfortably dark new trailers, along with one hell of a poster and some new images of the Gos & co. from the film.

So it’s time to meet the devil...

Can we talk about how much we love this poster? Okay, no, we love it so much that we literally can't talk about it. And even though we don't get to see Ryan's lovely mug, the degree to which this poster is badass just outweighs our desire for as much Gosling as possible.

Plus, based on these newly released stills, we'll get plenty of Ryan looking all broody and gorgeous in the film itself.

Once you get your tongue back in your mouth, we believe the word you're searching for is, "Thanks!"

Of course, seeing Ryan in action is a large part of the fun, and the new international trailers released this week have plenty of that. They set the ominous mood for the movie, with what seems like a ton of blood and extreme violence and definitely some sex appeal going on.

Plus, have you seen Kristin Scott Thomas in this movie? She's unrecognizeable in a vampy, borderline trashy look as Ryan's conniving mother, and we're calling it right now — this role just screams Oscar nomination.

Sorry, but not being excited for this movie is the new definition of insanity.

Which of these gets you most excited for Only God Forgives — the poster? The pics? The trailers?