Saturday Night Live served up an ample helping of funny over the weekend, thanks largely to the comedic stylings of Melissa McCarthy, who threw herself into every role with gusto to spare. While many stars can seem a bit reserved on the sketch show, that’s hardly the case for the scene-stealing Bridesmaids star, who played a variety of characters ― from a very abusive coach to a dim-witted pizza-lover.

But a surprise cameo from a certain Game of Thrones star livened things up even more. Catch the highlights below!

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Melissa showed a truly mean side as the irredeemably abusive coach of a college girls’ basketball team in a parody of the recent Rutgers scandal involving canned coach Mike Rice. This is not a woman we’d want to play ball with.

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Better yet: Melissa as pizza-guzzling entrepreneur-wannabe Barb Kelner (she reminds us of her name about a million times), who is… to put it kindly… a little slow. A pretty ridiculous concept for a skit is sold by Melissa, who makes the character unique and rather believable (almost disturbingly so).

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But for Game of Thrones fans, the highlight of the evening was Peter Dinklage’s cameo, joining Drunk Uncle on Weekend Update as “Peter Drunklage.” A far cry from the authoritative and connivingTyrion Lannister, Peter Drunklage spouted such wisdom as, “They just skateboard from Nintendo to Nintendo just like a bunch of Taylor Swifts.” Known for being a pretty serious guy in real life, it was nice to see Peter’s wacky side let loose in this hysterical cameo.

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Pretty funny stuff, by SNL standards. Few can do physical comedy like Melissa McCarthy... we'd like to toss an idea out there: from now on, anything that's supposed to be funny needs a little Melissa McCarthy in it.

Which sketch was your favorite?