His late father Michael Jackson had some infamous legal troubles back in the day, but now Prince Michael Jackson is dealing with his own scuffle with the law ― in the most minor way possible.

The new driver was pulled over by the LAPD with other members of the Jackson clan aboard. Is this a one-off offense, or the beginning of Prince Michael Jackson’s life of crime?

Well, despite TMZ’s dramatic headline involving the words “GUNS OUT” in capital letters (referring to biceps rather than weapons, as it turns out), Prince’s violation could hardly have been any less dramatic. E! reports that he was on his way to Fatburger with little bro Blanket and a cousin when he was stopped for having strobe headlights ― illegal in California.

He was let go with a warning. Not exactly a police standoff, is it?

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Like many teen boys, Prince Michael obviously thought he was pretty smooth with those strobe headlights... until he got busted. In our experience, guys who put strobe headlights on their car also tend to engage in other questionable behavior involving the pursuit of awesomeness, which often can resort to more time spent with the police.

We’ve been hoping that the Jackson children stay out of trouble, considering all the ensuing drama in their family and the attention they receive. Of course, a minor violation like this is far from “trouble,” but we sure hope it isn’t the beginning of a major rebellious phase for young Prince. Earlier this year, he guested on 90210 and appeared as a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight, so perhaps a good work ethic will mean that this is the most extreme run-in with the police Prince has any time soon.

Fix your lights and keep out of trouble, Prince! Buck the cliché!

Do you think this is the last we'll wear of trouble from Prince Michael?

Or is it just the beginning of a rebellious streak?