What's it like to live with Psy? Just ask his old college roommate.

An unnamed man who claimed to live with Psy while they were both students at Boston University had a less-than-flattering recollection of the Korean pop star. The man, who claimed they lived together in the dorms from 1997-1998, referred to the singer as "fat," "messy," and "lazy."

Seriously, tell how us you really feel!

Psy attended Boston University to study business administration, but the former roommate claimed in an e-mail to Business Insider that the Korean singer couldn't even be bothered to attend class. "He missed classes all day long. Flunked everything," said the man.

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Psy's interest in music reportedly took over any inclinations he had to study and he spent most of his nights putting on shows at local karaoke spots. However, the former roommate claims that both he and their mutual friends were less than supportive.

"We used to grab his chubby cheeks and tell him to 'wake up! You're never going to make it in entertainment with a fat ugly face like yours,' he said. "[Psy] would always respond with resolve. 'I will make it! I'm going to be a star! Just you watch!'" Psy dropped out of Boston University in 1998 and later briefly attended Berklee College of Music, but soon left there as well. He spent his leftover tuition money on a computer, a keyboard, and a MIDI, ultimately returning home to Korea.

Of course, the rest is history. He had several No. 1 hits on the pop charts in Korea before exploding last summer with his track "Gangnam Style". which garnered over one billion hits on YouTube and became the most watched clip in the video channel's history. It also became the first Korean song to reach No. 1 on the U.S. Hot 100.

Last week, he released his most recent single "Gentleman", which has already racked up over 201 million views on YouTube. So who's laughing now, anonymous jerk of a roommate?

Could you imagine living with Psy in a college dorm?

Photos courtesy of twitter.com/psy_oppa