Rihanna is quite used to making money by taking her clothes off, what with all the various state of undress she’s found in on assorted magazine and album covers. So it’s no wonder that she supports other hot ladies who earn a buck by dropping trou.

She spent her hard-earned cash ― or perhaps cash she earned easily, by merely getting naked at a photo shoot ― on strippers in Miami over the weekend, because hey, if Drake can do it, then RiRi can too.

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As far as unwisely spending large sums of money on strippers goes, Rihanna’s $8,000 is far less obscene than Drizzy’s $50k. Though given how “sick” she’s been lately, we’re not sure a Florida strip club is really the R&R RiRi requires. (Though perhaps stuffing big bills in a G-string is just Rihanna’s version of sipping chamomile tea in a Snuggie, compared to her usual hard-partying ways.)

So, yeah. This happened... and that's about all there is to say about it. Thanks, TMZ!

Do you think Rihanna could put that money to better use?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet