Wonder what Ryan Reynolds has been up to lately? Well, aside from canoodling with Blake Lively? (Assuming there is anything else.)

We regret to inform you that Ryan Reynolds is actually dead ― in his latest movie, that is. He’s a police officer that gets killed on duty, but that doesn’t mean he’s done serving and protecting. He joins the R.I.P.D. ― kinda like the NYPD, except, you know, dead ― serving alongside Jeff Bridges on a mission to stop the Earth from being taken over by ghosts, or something.

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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Oscar winner Jeff Bridges do something as wacky as this, though we know he has great comedic chops. Plus we’ve been missing Ryan on the big screen too, since it’s been a minute since he was in anything memorable.

This is basically Men In Black meets Ghostbusters, and for now, we’re fine with that. R.I.P.D. opens June 28!

How does R.I.P.D. look? Clever and fun, or a little too crazy?