Seth Rogen is up to no good!

Well, he may always be causing some sort of trouble in his movies, but now he’s taking it to a whole other level ― and bringing some big names with him ― in this hilarious new Funny or Die spoof. We might as well just dub him the “Worst Person in the World.”

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Launching his Hilarity For Charity event to benefit Alzheimer’s disease research, Seth gets the idea that since he did an awesomely good deed, he just doesn’t have to be good. Like, ever again. So what does one do after such an idea? Well, basically anything and everything you could imagine.

Seth goes out robbing stores, giving kids cigarettes, shooting his own friend, cooking meth with Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, doing a heavy amount of drugs, playing Russian Roulette with Max Greenfield of New Girl... and the list goes on!

Don’t worry ― he actually ends up trading in his dangerous ways to come back for his charity. Nice work, Seth.

You can find out even more on Seth’s Hilarity For Charity at their website.

What did you think about Seth’s bad guy life? Does it suit him?