Uh-oh. Justin Bieber's infamous guestbook signing at the Anne Frank House may not even have been the most obnoxious part of his visit.

The internet exploded last weekend when the historic museum for the teenage Holocaust victim confirmed on Facebook that Biebs wrote in the guestbook, "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber." After everyone collectively gathered their breath, the outrage has resumed after photos were released of Justin's visit that displayed some less than stellar behavior.

The most glaringly offensive image is of Justin shadowboxing with a friend. In the Anne Frank House. You know, the museum entirely dedicated to educating people on arguably the most violent and horrific act in history.

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Of course, Justin not only acted a fool but also dressed like one, choosing to wear shades inside the museum. Considering that most of the rooms are rather dark in order to portray the conditions that Anne and her family lived in, it was an ill-advised decision for a variety of reasons.

The Anne Frank Center didn't seem too upset by Justin's actions, though. In a statement obtained by E! News, they thanked Justin for his "continued display and reinforcement of positive, peaceful attitudes, and ask him and all others to help preserve the life, ideals and legacy of Anne Frank by spreading her universal message of tolerance and social justice for all."

Positive, peaceful attitude? They obviously didn't see him attack a photographer or read about the lawsuits against him for alleged assault. (Tweeting about your "worst birthday" after not getting your way at a nightclub isn't all that positive either.)

While the Anne Frank Center may be on his side, these photos show that he's immature, if nothing else. Even small children are taught by their parents to behave properly in museums!

What do you think of the shadowboxing pics?

Photos courtesy of X17 Online and Getty Images