We’ve been eagerly digesting every bit of info we can get on the beef between Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf, following Shia’s removal from the Broadway play Orphans.

Up until now, it’s been sort of unclear what exactly happened between Alec and Shia, or whose fault it really was that Shia gave Orphans the shaft (or vice versa). Shia enlightened us in his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, sounding surprisingly gracious… perhaps taking a page from Alec's book?

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So this has got to be the classiest celebrity beef to ever go down. First, it was politely chalked up to “creative differences,” then Alec gently stoked the flames with the claim that theater just “isn’t Shia’s thing.” (It was a total schooling, but a subtle one.)

Shia’s retort on Letterman is even more humble ― even if we suspect that Shia has made a very calculated move in being the better man on this, and probably isn’t venting all his actual feelings on the issue. Shia makes it clear that Alec got him fired from the project, citing "tension as men" (an awkward turn of phrase, to be sure). He does call Alec a "good dude" and mentions that he was a huge fan of the play. He even gave it a standing ovation when he watched from the audience.

Is Shia trying to out-class Alec or what?

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Shia doesn’t sound the least bit bitter about what happened, so either he’s learned his lesson about being a diva or he’s just learned how to play nice for the press. Either way, it’s pretty remarkable that both Alec and Shia have made public statements that make it clear that they hate one another without actually insulting each other.

Shia also opened up on his broken foot, which Jennifer Lawrence had nothing to do with.

Did Shia's appearance change your opinion about whose side you're on?