Oh, dear. The day we’ve been dreading for the better part of a year now is finally here.

We knew that after the massive global success of “Gangnam Style,” Psy would try to recreate the single’s success ― and, you know, fail miserably, because that’s what one-hit wonders do when they try to become two-hit wonders. Every time.


Well, Psy’s second stab at an international pony-dance sensation is here... and we’re shocked, ashamed, bewildered, and slightly nervous to report that it’s not that bad. In fact, it’s kind of good.

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So here the South Korean rapper is claiming he's a "mother-father gentleman," and we suspect it's not just bad English, but rather a thinly-veiled way to avoid using a very radio-unfriendly word. "Gentleman" follows the "Gangnam Style" formula pretty damn closely and, frankly, makes us want to get up and do some sort of ridiculous dance to it, even though we'd feel totally bad about ourselves after.

Yeah, we were really hoping this song would be so bad that it could be swept under the rug and dismissed, and we wouldn't have to parse out our complex feelings on whether or not we dig Psy and his music. But dammit! Now we actually have to deal with those conflicting emotions! Possibly while doing a pony dance!

Can't wait to see what the video will bring... if it's epic, we could very well have another viral sensation on our hands...

Is "Gentleman" as catchy as "Gangnam Style"? Could it have the same success?