Ohhh, Justin.

The blunders continue on what seems like a weekly basis, with Justin Bieber’s press just getting worse and worse. By now 2013 has seen more negative Bieber headlines than we can count, and it’s only April. Abandoned monkeys, assaults on photographers, and Anne Frank have all factored into the Biebs’ tumultuous year, and now Swedish authorities have apparently discovered marijuana on his tour bus.

Justin’s bus was parked at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm when an officer smelled marijuana and sought a warrant to search the vehicle. While Justin was performing at the Globe Arena later that night, cops found a small amount of “narcotics” on the floor (speculated to be marijuana, though the cops haven’t confirmed that) as well as a taser, which can only legally be carried with a permit.

Seeing as the bus was empty at the time, no one will be charged. Some believe that Justin’s pal Lil Za may be responsible. But was Justin partaking, too? Or did he actually learn his lesson last time he was caught smoking pot, for which he offered a seemingly heartfelt apology?

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Strangely enough, Justin also sported a rather random fashion statement in order to “hide” from the paparazzi, and while it wasn’t exactly a gas mask, this Chanel ski mask really didn’t do much to keep Justin from being photographed. (Maybe he was just embarrassed to be seen in public wearing a shirt, and wanted to hide his face in shame?)

Either way, this certainly reminds us of a certain movie in which young, beautiful people sport ski masks in an inappropriate climate ― yes, that’s right, Spring Breakers, starring Justin’s ex Selena Gomez.

Unless you’re planning to commit a crime, who would wear a hot ski mask outdoors just for the hell of it? Why, it’s almost as if such a person would have to be high! (Oh, wait a minute…)

Justin’s tour bus bust follows an even less surprising one ― Rihanna’s. Lesson learned here: musicians seem to like their weed when they’re on tour. Think One Direction’s Scooby Doo Mystery Machine will be next?

Does this bust surprise you? Or change your opinion of Justin?

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