Let’s keep our fingers crossed that having all these big-name stars in one film doesn’t equal another Movie 43, because we all know how well that turned out.

Pretty much anyone who is anyone stars in Seth Rogen-directed film This Is The End. Just to throw out a few names: James Franco, Seth Rogen (duh), Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Rihanna (!!), Emma Watson, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, Paul Rudd… alright, you get the idea. Seeing all these names on the cast list makes us giddy and now the red-band trailer has us hoping that the movie is actually as good as it looks!

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In the film, all the actors actually play themselves and head to James’ house for one epic party. Turns out, the party goes downhill — like, really downhill — when they all step outside to face an apocalypse. With only a handful of stars surviving, they all must find ways to carry on, even if that means leaving James’ swanky house.

"We thought it'd be funny to see really famous people die in super graphic ways," Seth said. “People were into it. At first we thought they'd be insulted or something like that — and some of them were — but most of them weren't. They were into it."

Reasons why This Is The End won’t turn out like Movie 43: 1) We can actually see what the plot of the movie is by the trailer. 2) Emma Watson — sorry, “Hermione” — steals all their s—t and it actually looks pretty funny.

This Is The End hits theaters on June 14th.

What do you think about This Is The End? Is it something you would check out?