Hey dolls, time to get excited! Two of our favorite leading men have been mentioned for leading roles in an upcoming Guys & Dolls movie.

Known song-and-dance man Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been mentioned as Sky Masterson, while known dance man Channing Tatum (we’re not so sure about the singing) will play Nathan Detroit if all goes as planned. 20th Century Fox bought the rights to remake the Broadway musical, and clearly are aiming for maximum swoonage as far as casting goes.

It’s not even official, and we’re feeling light-headed already…

We’re still waiting to hear on who would write and direct this update of the 1950 musical, as well as who the titular “dolls” might be ― anyone want to bet Anne Hathaway’s name has been dropped a time or two? Joseph and Channing are said to be “interested” in the project, according to Deadline, though deals haven’t been made.

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The suave leading men would be filling some rather large shoes, so to speak, since these roles were played by Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando in the 1955 movie version of the show. (No pressure!) Guys & Dolls is a tale of gamblers and gangsters set in the ‘40s, so you know, it’s kind of like Gangster Squad: The Musical. Except not at all.

Both Channing and Joseph recently demonstrated some Broadway capabilities at this year’s Academy Awards ― and while we secretly fear that Channing Tatum might be the Russell Crowe of this movie, we’ve learned not to underestimate him. It was just a year ago that we discovered he could actually act!

As for the dolls, we can only imagine Anne Hathaway will be approached, because you know, she wins Oscars for this kind of thing. Other actresses we know can sing come to mind as possibilities ― Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson, and (kind of) Amanda Seyfried, or possibly some slightly lesser-known talents. (Or, God forbid, a pop star with unproven acting capabilities ― we’re looking at you, Taylor Swift.)

These rumors may not pan out, as casting rumors often don't. But just to be safe, we are prepping ourselves from some serious swooning. We don't want to be caught unprepared...

Would you see Channing and Joseph in a musical?