Oh, Tara Reid...

The A-list status of the American Pie star fizzled out so long ago, but it doesn't appear she ever got that briefing. Tara was reportedly escorted out of an LA clothing store after having a drunken meltdown because she was denied a "celebrity discount." We at least give her props for not pulling a Winona Ryder in response and opting for a five-finger discount, but still.

Afterwards, her reps said that anyone who believed the story "is not on Team Tara." Guess that includes us, then...

Tara was shopping at the All Saints chain and things were going smoothly until she asked for a discount on an outfit she planned on wearing to Coachella. When management denied the request, she escalated the conversation from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.

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"She was screaming. She had to be escorted out by security. She seemed drunk," said a source to the New York Post. However, Tara's rep claims to have been with her at the time and denied that she was drunk. He also said that All Saints discounts are simply par for the course with Tara.

"Tara gets a huge discount with All Saints in the UK and Paris because she's a walking billboard for them," said the rep. "She gets photographed... so they give her huge hook-ups. We told them we get a discount and they said they'd email the press team."

Ever since her unfortunate reality show Taradise ended in 2005, she hasn't been photographed all that much, though. She returned to reality television by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2011, but was the third contestant to get the boot. (Ouch...) And apart from rallying up last year for American Reunion, Tara's film work has been limited exclusively to straight-to-DVD movies and low budget independent flicks. Think we're being harsh? Here's her latest "cinematic" offering:

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Yes, that's Sharknado, as in, a tornado made out of sharks. Which begs the question, when do we get the sci-fi movie Tara-nado, about a tornado made out of Tara Reids?

Do you think Tara deserved a "celebrity discount"?

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