If MTV's goal with Teen Mom was to show why teenagers shouldn't become parents... mission: accomplished.

Although we've seen a few flattering portrayals on the infamous reality show, they have come few and far between. And unfortunately, the struggles for these young moms have only amplified since they made their debuts. Case in point: Jenelle Evans. The reality star was arrested yesterday for heroin possession and alleged assault.

But is she worse off than two other notorious Teen Mom stars, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, who have made unsavory headlines of their own?

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Jenelle has enough mugshots at this point to potentially get her own line of trading cards. She was arrested yesterday for being in possession of 12 bindles of heroin, prescription medication (sans prescription) and drug paraphernalia that included a glass pipe, in addition to allegedly assaulting her husband with a piece of furniture.

Her troubled life has been playing in out full view on the current season of Teen Mom 2. In addition to this season chronicling her arrest for drug possession and assault by her ex-boyfriend, this week’s episode shows her spending the last of her money on opiates and getting evicted from her home for her failure to pay rent.



Farrah seemed like one of the Teen Moms who had a shot of making something of her life. She attempted to create her own line of pasta sauce and even embarked on a singing career last fall. Her one and only song was absolutely horrible, but it was honest work that kept her out of trouble.

Unfortunately, that promise has been severely derailed in the last couple of months. After being arrested for DUI and photographed boozing in nothing but lingerie, she made the worst attempt of all time at an “accidentally released” celebrity sex tape when she filmed hardcore scenes with world-renowned porn star James Deen. She’s not only moved out of her mother’s home since then, but brought her father and young daughter to negotiations with porn studio Vivid Entertainment to sell the tape.



After numerous arrests for drug possession and even assaulting her boyfriend in front of their young daughter, Amber was sentenced to mandatory lockdown rehab. However, after mere weeks at the facility, she admitted to a judge that she had been using drugs inside rehab and asked to be sentenced to prison. She was handed down a stiff five-year sentence in May 2012 and will not be eligible for parole.

Amber revealed that she tried to kill herself by overdosing on Suboxone before her current prison stint, but is reportedly thriving now at the Rockwood Correctional Facility. She is currently working on getting her GED and teaching anger management classes to fellow inmates, in addition to exercising on a daily basis.


Final verdict: All signs point to Amber having the best chance at being a fit mother to her daughter, although we won’t know for certain until she is released from jail in 2017. Unfortunately, Farrah seems like the biggest lost cause among the Teen Mom set at this point...

Which Teen Mom do you think has the best chance of pulling it together?

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