Hey, film-lovers! It’s almost Tribeca time!

The New York City film festival showcases some of the hottest high-quality films from around the world, and it’s only getting bigger every year. In addition to allowing for discoveries of unknown actors and new filmmaking talent, a number of this year’s selections also have familiar stars who appear based on their passion for the project rather than any big payday.

Want to know which films are likely to be the buzziest? Check out our round-up of the movies we’re most excited about after the jump!


1. At Any Price

Is At Any Price: A) the title of the new Zac Efron movie, or B) a description of what Zac fans would pay to see him play a hunky racecar driver? (Both, probably.) Chris Hemsworth has his own racing drama speeding into theaters soon, but first we’ll see Zac as a speed demon farm boy (double swoon!) dealing with such typical teenage pressures as family financial strain, daddy drama with Dennis Quaid, and being seduced by Heather Graham. Fortunately, it seems like he's wearing a tank top throughout most of this, which should help the darker elements of the story go down smoothly.


2. Adult World

Following in the footsteps of stars like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson, Emma Roberts is also taking on a more adult role than we’re used to ― literally. The Scream 4 starlet plays an aspiring poet who takes a job ― where else? ― in a sex shop, while also being mentored by John Cusack. This all sounds appealing ― as long as John stays away from the sick-making sexuality he displayed in The Paperboy, because seriously. Once was more than enough.


3. Greetings From Tim Buckley

Previously shown at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, this film lets Gossip Girl Penn Badgley take on a meatier role as musician Jeff Buckley, whose complex relationship with his musician father Tim provides plenty of drama. Penn took vocal and guitar lessons to sing for the movie, so we're definitely curious to hear if he has what it takes to stand up to other actors who played famous musicians like Jamie Foxx in Ray and Joaquin Phoenix in Walk The Line.


4. Sunlight Jr.

Don’t let the bright title fool you ― Sunlight Jr. promises to be a hard-hitting drama about a paraplegic man (Matt Dillon) and his convenience mart employee wife (Naomi Watts). She gets pregnant, but their bundle of joy begets a bundle of sorrow as their financial problems loom over their happiness. This may not be the feel-good movie of the festival, but these performances are bound to get some major acclaim.


5. The English Teacher

Julianne Moore goes frumpy as an English teacher who decides to put on a former student's play at her high school... and then also, less wisely, decides to sleep with that former student. This quirky dramedy also features Nathan Lane and Greg Kinnear, plus Haywire's Michael Angarano in what could be something of a breakout role.


6. Almost Christmas

This isn’t just another heartwarming holiday flick. Almost Christmas stars Paul Giamatti as a recently released convict who hooks up with Paul Rudd on a Christmas tree-selling scheme. It’s the second film from director Phil Morrison following his 2005 debut Junebug, which earned Amy Adams the first of many Oscar nominations. Any chance one of these two likable Pauls can achieve that honor for this film?


7. Byzantium

And you thought your relationship with your mom was complicated? Stephenie Meyer’s new starlet Saoirse Ronan treads into Twilight terrain in this thriller follows a pair of mother/daughter vampires in multiple centuries. Though the subject matter sounds a little fangier than we’re used to at Tribeca, it’s from Neil Jordan, the director of Interview With The Vampire, so there’s a bit of prestige.


8. Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Who doesn't love a sassy old woman? Comedy legend Elaine Stritch, known recently for her role as Jack's mother on 30 Rock, gets the documentary treatment in this look at both her past roles and her still vital present day life, with stars like Tina Fey opening up about how the 87-year-old has inspired them (and cracked them up).


9. G.B.F.

G.B.F. stands for "Gay Best Friend," the kind of character who is often an accessory in romantic comedies but rarely gets the spotlight. From Jawbreaker director Darren Stein, the newly out Tanner (Michael J. Willett) is suddenly a hot commodity as the three most popular girls in school battle over who gets to "keep him" as their G.B.F. A satire of high school in the vein of Mean Girls, there are cameos from Will & Grace's G.B.F. Megan Mullally and more to keep things moving.


10. Before Midnight

Most trilogies end with the promise of some epic conclusion. (Yep, even The Hangover.) Before Midnight is the opposite of that. Back in 1995, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy met by chance in Before Sunrise, then again in 2004’s sequel Before Sunset. That movie ended without us knowing whether or not they’d rekindle their affair, but now we learn that they certainly have ― but how is their marriage holding up nearly a decade later on a family vacation to Greece? This is one of the most anticipated films of the year, already garnering some Oscar buzz from fans who have followed this romance for the last 18 years. The film previously screened at Sundance, where response was overwhelmingly positive. Before Midnight will be the antiodote to all those bigger, louder summer blockbusters, and we can’t wait!

Which Tribeca film are you most eager to see when it hits theaters?