What Would Ryan Lochte Do? How about never give another TV interview again?

It's been established ever since last year's London Olympics that Ryan Lochte doesn't exactly have a way with words, but we were hoping a year in the public eye would help on that front. Unfortunately, his most recent interview to promote his new reality show (you know, that thing which is entirely dependent on talking in front of a camera and giving sound bites) was so painfully bad that the two news anchors started laughing hysterically afterwards!

Ryan's five-minute interview with Fox Philly was full of his typical Yogi Berra-isms ("I'm a man at night and a man in the morning") but epically failed at selling the show. "I'm a lot different from any other Olympian. I like to go out and have fun, go dancing and hang out with my friends," he said. (Gasp! No other Olympian would dare go out and have fun with friends!)

It also took him about 45 seconds to get those two sentences out. 

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The morning chat was also filled with super-awkward pauses for him to ponder even the most basic of questions. When anchor Mike Jerrick asked him what a girl could say to get his attention, he left six seconds of dead air (that felt like six minutes) before replying with, "Good question." This was a softball interview at its finest and he still could not pass the test.

When the interview was finished, both anchors immediately burst out laughing at Ryan's total ineptitude for talking. "Seriously, how are they going to put together 13 weeks of programming?" asked Mike, echoing the sentiments of everyone else watching.

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It doesn't seem like the producers of this reality show are interested in trying to change his airhead image either. Early reviews reveal that they keep in his vacant stares and dumb quotes, but the universal response so far has been that Ryan simply isn't interesting enough to hold up an entire series. Early episodes for the show reveal storylines that we could have called from a mile away — can he give a public speech without screwing up? Can he find a girl he wants to do more than just hookup with? Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.

If you dare watch, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premieres this Sunday at 9:00pm EST on E! However, we suggest just watching this news clip and sparing yourself.

Poor, poor Ryan Lochte...

What do you think of Ryan's painful interview?

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