Today we learned that the anticipated new single by British boy band The Wanted is called “She Walks Like Rihanna,” via some extras on the music video who spilled the beans. And while we think that’s pretty cool ― isn’t it always fun when a pop star gets namedropped by other pop stars in a song? ― we’re left wondering: what exactly does that mean, walking like Rihanna?

If the song were called “She Constantly Grabs Her Crotch Like Rihanna” or “She’s Always Naked Like Rihanna” or “She Gets Back With Her Abusive Ex Like Rihanna,” we’d know exactly what they were talking about. But walking?

Let’s look at some photographic evidence to clear this up.

According to PopJustice, The Wanted’s new lyrics go like this: “She can’t sing, she can’t dance, but who cares? She walks like Rihanna.” How does Rihanna walk, exactly? Here’s a few things this might mean.

Does she walk like this?

Or more like this?

Is this how she walks?

Or perhaps something like this...?

She might walk like this...

It'd be super hard to walk like this... but not impossible...

She could walk this way...

Or like this...

Sure hope she doesn't walk like this...

Does she strut?

Does she goose step?

Does she walk like an Egyptian?

Does she walk with her breasts hanging out of some kind of space suit?

Does she walk with one hand behind her back, just because?

Does she walk with confidence?

Or does she walk with her head down, all modest-like?

Or even more modest than that?

Does she walk with a frozen treat?

Does she text while walking?

Is she a walking advertisement?

Does she walk hand-in-hand with someone who assaulted her?

She doesn't make this face when she's walking, does she?

Does she walk because she can't catch a cab?

Does she walk while dealing with a wedgie?

Does she walk like this because she just doesn't care anymore?

Does she listen to music while she walks?

Does she walk in leopard print shoes?

If she walks like this, we're concerned...

Does she walk while cupping her own breasts?

Does she walk while idly patting her crotch?

Does she walk around just hoping you'll notice her awesome shoes?

Does she walk like she's being crucified?

Does she walk away with some ass hanging out?

Or does she walk like she's on fire?

Seriously... which is it?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet & Getty