Echosmith are proving that it’s totally cool to make music with your siblings!

After signing to Warner Brothers last year, Echosmith is popping up everywhere -- including AP’s "Top 100 Bands To Look Out For in 2013" and snagging a spot on the hottest concert series of the summer, Warped Tour.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with the four siblings to chat about how they came about, working on their debut album and being a part of Warped Tour.

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Describing their music as alternative pop with 80s influence, Echosmith are currently working on their debut album, wrapping it up now and expecting to drop it this year. While they’re gaining exposure left and right, being on Warped Tour is a huge deal that will only help grow their fan base more and more.

“What’s always fun about touring is seeing the different cities and meeting different people,” Jamie said. “Warped Tour, we’ll be going all the way across the country so there’s going to be a lot of different kind of people, different cities –- places we’ve never been to before. I think we’re most excited for that and just to meet people, new fans and bands.”

You can catch Echosmith when Warped Tour kicks off on June 15th. Check out the dates here!

Are you going to catch Echosmith on Warped Tour this year?