What’s your favorite scary TV show?

Well, with all the horror currently hitting the small screen, from Walking Dead to Bates Motel to Hannibal to American Horror Story to True Blood, there’s plenty to choose from. So is it time for a very meta take on the genre?

MTV sure thinks so. They’ve ordered a one-hour pilot based on the 1996 hit Scream, which revived the teen slasher genre and started a whole new wave of self-aware characters in movies (that never really ended).

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The pilot will be an hour long, and MTV has approached the director of all four Scream films (and numerous other horror classics), Wes Craven, to direct. Kevin Williamson, the mind behind three of the Scream films, is not involved. (But he has his own horror show currently on the air, The Following.)

So how will this work, exactly? It seems difficult to sustain this kind of mystery over an entire season ― especially if characters are getting killed off every week. Given that it’s MTV, the carnage can’t be too extreme… can it? What will the connection to Sidney Prescott be? (Assuming there is one?) We’re sure MTV will go with an all-new cast, but presumably they won’t abandon the original storyline altogether. Will they recast the iconic news bitch Gale Weathers, played so deliciously by Courteney Cox?

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One thing we can (hopefully) expect ― a lot of in-jokes for horror fans poking fun at the genre’s past and present. MTV has proven that it can do teen programming right with Awkward and Teen Wolf, so let’s cross our fingers that they get it right!

But we'd be lying if we said we weren't a little scared about this...

Would you watch a Scream show?