Need proof that you can be super rich and super cheap? Look no further than some of your favorite celebrities.

The Game went well beyond the standard 20 percent when he tweeted about leaving a $6,000 tip for his waiter at West Hollywood hotspot Capitale Grille. His waiter later went to TMZ and said the tip was actually $250, but that's still more than generous from the rapper.

However, there are some celebrities who are notorious for leaving comically low tips or in some cases, none at all. Check out our roundup of 12 celebrities whose tables you don't want to wait on anytime soon!

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1. Madonna

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She might be a billionaire, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to wait on her table. The Material Girl is notoriously rude to waiters and it's not exactly like the payoff counterbalances it. She once left a waiter $18 on a $400 dinner bill, or 4.5%.

2. Jeremy Piven

At least Madonna leaves some money, though. A waitress described how the Entourage star pulled into Nobu in Aspen, Colorado with a dozen friends. His crew demanded numerous dishes be sent back and engaged in diva-like behavior throughout the meal. When the bill came, he reportedly told the manager "Thanks for nothing" and left a DVD set of his show as a tip! He has since been banned from the establishment.

3. P. Diddy

When P. Diddy went to a NYC hotspot for a 15-person dinner with his entourage, the restaurant stupidly declined to include the common mandatory gratuity for parties over eight. The hip-hop mogul made his waiter pay dearly for that, leaving a measly $40 on a bill that went well into the four-figure range.

4. Usher

Is Usher's autograph worth 20 percent? His waiters sure hope so, because the singer is notorious for leaving autographs in lieu of tips at restaurants. If nothing else, he should be including a certificate of authenticity with his chicken scratch.

5. Britney Spears

Britney has banned from several LA restaurants because of her frugal tipping and it's easy to see why. One waitress complained that Britney left $26 on a $500 tab (just over 5%). Even worse, there was a separate waiter who reported that Britney made him walk across the street to get her Starbucks and then refused to reimburse him for it!

6. Mariah Carey

We shouldn't be surprised by this one. The New York Post reported that Mariah brought her huge entourage to a Las Vegas restaurant and demanded the eatery stay open late to accomodate them. After plenty of diva behavior and keeping the entire staff on their toes, not one person at the table bothered to leave a tip at the end of the night!

7. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Rock seems like a man of the people, but he apparently isn't — a Texas waiter complained about a five percent tip that he left on a massive steak meal. Adding insult to injury, he had called the restaurant beforehand and specifically asked them to open their doors early for him so he could eat away from the press.

8. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten has been banned from a West Hollywood eatery after a waiter complained that she had routinely dined there without leaving tips, even in one instance where her meal was offered up on the house!

9. Bill Cosby

The comic's embarrassingly frugal tips are no laughing matter. A waiter put him on blast after leaving a comically low $3 tip on a $375 dinner, while a bellhop took to the web and claimed that Bill tipped him 50 cents for carrying his enormous bags.

10. Sean Penn

Sean isn't exactly warm and fuzzy, but we expected more from him than this. He ruined one waiter's night in NYC after leaving absolutely nothing on a hefty $450 tab.

11 and 12. Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes

Back in 2007, the very wealthy friends dined at L.A. hotspot Asia de Cuba and declined to leave a tip at the end of their very expensive meal. When their waitress tried to confront them as they left, Victoria's security guard reportedly told the server to "step off."

Which cheap celebrity tipper are you most surprised by?

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