Willa Holland is someone we’re used to seeing in supporting roles on TV, from The OC to Gossip Girl to Arrow ― and let’s just say she’s pretty comfortable playing a bad girl. But now she’s getting the chance to be the star of the show as a good girl, carrying her own coming-of-age drama Tiger Eyes.

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Tiger Eyes is based on the 1981 novel by Judy Blume, a favorite amongst girls of a certain generation (and some of the current teen generation, too). This adaptation is directed by Judy’s son Lawrence Blume, so it’s staying all in the family.

It’s the story of Davey, a teenage girl who loses her father in a New Jersey shootout, who travels to New Mexico to visit family while still grieving the loss. She falls in love with a Native American boy named Wolf (played by Tatanka Means) and calls herself “Tiger.”

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Amy Jo Johnson ―yes, that’s the Pink Ranger for any Power Rangers fans out there (you know who you are) ― plays Daveys’s mom. The film will be out June 7 in theaters.

Does Tiger Eyes look like a winner to you?